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Top 10 Favorite Lyrics:

The Transplants-Smile in my face, better watch your back, two-faced motherfucker gets both jaws cracked

norma jean- like bringing a knife to a gun fight

deathcab for cutie- the kids were ablaze with drinks cradled in every hand

blood brothers -From a distance the fornication of fear and flames twindles so pretty

a perfect circle-lying through your teeth again, suicidle imbecile. think about it, put it on the faultline, what'll it take to get it through to you precious

Circle Takes the Square -Behold the birth of violence, beasts of fang and feather cry for our concrete rapture

Bob Marley- hit me with music now yeah brutalize me with music

those are my faves, i dont want to add in extra bullshit for filler.


Top 5 favorite bands:

deathcab for cutie
blood brothers
norma jean
as i lay dying
..shit thats 6...i wanna go on and on


Top 3 Favorite movies

virgin suicides
requiem for a dream
pulp fiction


Why should i be added?

  • my names Holli...after the carburators, not the berry.
  • i wanna be?
  • im sick of the other fucking gay scene communities
  • itd be rad to get to know the people in this comm.
  • i drive this and was named after its holli carb
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