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1. Pictures. And I apologize for looking like John Mayer.



lol, sorry for the crazy pictures.

1. ^

2. Top 10 Favorite Lyrics are in these songs:
- The Juliana Theory- The Closest thing.
- Bob Dylan- It ain't me, babe.
- Saves the day- Freakish.
- Something Corporate- Konstantine.
- Thursday- This Song Brought To You By A Falling Bomb.
- Brandnew- Sic Transit Gloria, Glory fades.
- Scatter The Ashes- Christine Daae.
- The Juliana Theory- If I told you this was killing me, would you stop?
- Elliot Smith- Cupids trick.
- CAKE- Shadow stabbing

3. Top 5 Favorite Bands
- The Juliana Theory
- Thursday
- Something Corporate
- Saves the day
- Scatter the ashes.

4. Top 3 Favorite Movies
- Edward Scissorhands.
- American Beauty.
- Pi.

5. Explain to us WHY you should be added.
- Because I am willing to promote this community.
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